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Massage Cupping

Massage cupping is a form of therapeutic bodywork that is used to facilitate deep tissue release and aid in bringing about numerous benefits to the body such as:

     Enhanced flexability

     Lymphatic/blood circulation

     Tissue nourishment

     Stretching muscle & connective tissue

     Loosening adhesions & scar tissue

     Sedating the nervous system

Massage cupping is performed by applying 'reverse pressure' to the body via silicone suction cups that are massaged along problem areas and then in the direction of natural lymphatic flow.

Sessions are typically 10-20 minutes in length, and is integrated with massage therapy. 

Massage cupping breaks down adhesions/knots by helping to increase fluid (blood & lymph) circulation.

Massage cupping helps reduce build-up of cellular waste, toxins, inflammation, & excess fluids by assisting in dragging them from within muscles/soft tissue, to the body's surface, where they can be more efficiently disposed of via the lymphatic system.

Massage cupping is reported to be beneficial for many conditions, such as...

     Tissue & joint inflammation

     Stagnant lymph & edema

     Sluggish colon


     Lung inflammation



     General anxiety

Massage cupping is contraindicated for:

     Pace makers

     Electrical implants

     Low blood pressure


     Pregnant women




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